• Yovi Kwok


Hi Everyone! Today I want to give you some questions which you can ask your builder around timeline.

So bring this list when you are meeting with your potential builder.

- Does my project requires planning? If yes how long will it takes? If not required then well and good =)

- If the above is Yes, then how long will it takes before we can submit for Building Permit?

- How long does the Building Permit application takes?

- Once the Building Permit is issued, how long will it takes to start work on site?

- How long the build is going to take?

- How long will the rectification of the defects found in practical completion inspection takes?

- When can I receive the keys, i.e. the handover?

- How long of a maintenance period do I receive?

- How long is the structural warranty period?

- What are the common delays that I might encounter? This is important to check so you won’t be hit with unexpected delays too much.

One point that you need to take note as well is that when a builder give you a verbal completion date during the construction stage, please take note that it is only an estimate. Do not plan ahead too quick with the moving et cetera.

Make sure that the timing is definite and only start moving on planning to next stage.

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