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What you want to do is to brainstorm all of what you need and wants. Watch the video and here is some questions that can help to understand more about what you need and want.

✨1. Understanding my current lifestyle

No of members in the family:

What are their hobbies?

Person 1:

Person 2:

Person 3:

Person 4:

Person 5:


✨2. My Future Plan

Are you going to get married and have kids? Are your parents going to be eventually living with you? If yes, does the house need to be disabled friendly? Do you want to have a dual occupancy house? Are you going to have a lot of guests staying at your place? Are you planning to retire here? Any other future plan you had in mind?


✨3. My Ideal Lifestyle

Close your eyes and imagine your ideal lifestyle. Then start writing them down. Here are some questions that will be able to help you picture your ideal lifestyle Do you need a home office? Do you spend a lot in the kitchen? Do you prefer a bigger kitchen with scullery? Is theatre room a must to have? Are you an entertainer who invites friends and family over a lot? Are you an outdoor person? Do you really want that swimming pool? Are you planning to get an extra car? Do I need a small studio for an in-house gym, yoga space, etc? Do you need space for the kids? What are your hobbies? Do you have a hobby that needs a separate room for it? Any other lifestyle dream?

✨4. Once you have done those, go through the list and start writing next to each item on why is it so important to have this and what benefit will it bring to you and your family.

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