• Yovi Kwok


When you are doing your first round of search, make sure to do the initial background check on them first, don’t simply be attracted by those flashy looking display homes and/or websites.

This way then you can eliminate any dodgy builders or those that do not suit you as early as possible.

Finding the right builder can be quite a long process. You definitely would not want to waste time discussing and meeting with those builders.

Here is the minimum you would need to check before you spend more time with them:

* Are they the right type of builder for your project? Which I will explain more in the next video.

* Are they registered/ licensed? For WA, you can go to the Building Commission website and search the register or builders.

* How long have they been in the industry?

* Are they a part of any associations? HIA or MBA?

* Do they have a lot of good reviews? Or mostly bad?

* Quick notes on the online reviews. Be careful that most of the bad comments and experiences that people are sharing mostly may be due to their lack of knowledge, research and engagement throughout the process. I am not saying all of them are, but most probably they are.

Once you have done the initial background check and you are happy with what you find, then you can shortlist a few builders for you to communicate and connect more. Get quotes from them and find out more about them in details before making the final decision.

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