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What is this ebook about?

When you have decided to build a new house, how many of you start having a whole new series of questions popping up in your head? 


Building a new house is an exciting journey, but it can be a stressful process too. There are so many things to organise, and it involves many different people at different stages of the build. Knowing what to expect around building a new house will enable you to enjoy the whole process and most importantly save your money from preventable mistakes by simply knowing what to expect. 


This eBook will give you not only the overview of the building process, but we will also go through with the right mindset when it comes to building a house. It will guide you in finding out what you want in life and in a home, the right mindset and more importantly, to expect the unexpected and find the right builder for your project.


Thus we will show you how you can build a house 'stress-free' by going through the fundamental key elements of what to expect when building a house, so you can have a peace of mind and have a pleasant journey building your dream home.



I remember the first time I did my prestart session. It was a horrible feeling to be honest. 


I was still studying my degree in Architecture when I was asked to help with the prestart of an investment project.


I was still new to the building game and obviously I have no experience whatsoever.


I was being so naive and simply rock up on the prestart session.


I was so overwhelmed with the amount of things that I have to choose within the timeframe that was given. I asked for another session to finish it off but the consultant for so reluctant. Only until I looked so stressed and teary that he decided to let me go and have another session.

I was so under a lot of pressure that I actually choose the wrong paint colour. 

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Only till the practical completion inspection stage, I was so shocked to see the internal colour of the house. The white paint that I choose has a really strong tint of yellow and it just makes the house looks so old… Luckily the house still got sold, otherwise it will be a few grands away from repainting the house. =)


If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this journey, is that all of these are easily avoidable.


If you’ve ever water to learn more about the building process, have the confidence that you are making the right choice and avoid costly mistakes, then this book is for you.


This book will give you the necessary information and guidance that can help you through your building journey ahead.

Here are some of the benefits from this book:

  • Know what to expect, to expect the unexpected and avoid surprises that shock the life of yours.

  • Avoid wasting time doing long hours of research and spend it more on your family quality times instead.

  • Know more about yourself, of what you really want, and get deep inside =)

  • Know the right mindset and attitudes when it comes to building a house so you can build good relationship with your builder.

  • Avoid other people's mistakes which can be very costly. Why not put the savings more towards your mortgage so you can be debt-free faster?

  • Know the difference between project and custom builders, so you know which one suits you more.

  • Know how to compare builders' quotes apples to apples - very crucial!

  • Know what questions to ask the builders.

  • Know how to choose the right builder.

  • Understand more of the building contracts.

  • Understand more of the building process.

  • Understand more of the building regulations.

  • Know what to look out for even after finding the right builder.

  • Know how to communicate with your builder and their team members.

  • Know how to handle issues so that you still maintain a good relationship.

  • Avoid being pushed to signing into a contract by pressure.

  • Understand the Prestart process.

  • Understand more about Variation Orders.

  • Know whether to hire a Building Inspector.

  • Know what to expect at Practical Completion.

  • Know what to expect at Handover.

  • Know what to expect at Maintenance Period.


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You paid or will pay thousands of dollars to learn about property investments. Why not for your own home? After all it is still one of your property investments.

This is a small price to pay in order to avoid thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars of mistakes.

I highly recommend this book. From start to finish I learned how everything works in choosing a home and most  especially in choosing a team to build my dream home. This is not just a book, but this also gives more keen-details on everything I want to learn in building a home. What I am most interested in is the budgeting chapter. This is one of the most challenging parts in building a home. After reading the whole book, I realised that choosing a home builder always matters. I am not just investing in a home but I also learned how to spend money wisely. It's always Quality over Quantity. 

- Marie Quinal -

"I am impressed by the information contained in Yovi’s eBook. It contains a great deal of wisdom and insights to help and guide anyone considering building a home for themselves and is recommended reading.  ”

- Lea Rafferty -

Absolutely Brilliant. 

A great insider knowledge in the Australian construction industry. 

Easy to read and comprehend with a rare perspective of a current, well established builder. A must read for anyone that is looking to build in the future.

- William Nagawidjaja -

Thank you so much for all of the advice in here. It has really helped us to understand more about what is involved in building our new house and making sure we are as prepared as possible.

- Kylie Allen -

A very detailed and comprehensive guide to building a new home.

Put simply, it takes the guesswork out of the decision making process and enables people to make informed decisions rather than emotional ones. It also sets the scene for realistic expectations based on budget and how to compare apples with apples.

A must read for anyone contemplating building.

- Des de Santos -

GM of Persona Homes

I approached Nitly Built as I was looking for insights into the building industry to share with our customers on Homeshelf. Nitly Built helped by providing knowledge on all aspects of the building process from brainstorming ideas on your new home right through to the builder handover on your completed home.

One thing I liked was their un-biased approach when discussing choosing the right builder. I found the experience very informative especially on the walk thru provided in the course of what to expect on building quotes & contracts.

I would recommend Nitly Built to people who want to understand more about the building process so they feel comfortable in all stages of building a home.

- Samara Amadi -

 founder of