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Home DNA Coach

--- Building a house that is truly your home ---


“Home” is defined as “a place where one lives permanently.” But - to me, it’s so much more than that. It’s the place where your eyes first open in the morning and close again at night. It’s the place where you make lifelong memories with the people you love most. It’s where you live, love, laugh, cry. It’s your sanctuary of peace and happiness. It’s just…home.


Now, what does your dream home look like? Is it filled with premium paintings of abstract florals? Is it defined by contemporary décor inspired by Gaudi? No matter what your future property looks like, it’s my job to make it a reality.


My name is YOVI, through my knowledge and experiences in the building industry over the past 10 years, I’ve spent my life turning dream homes into real homes. It all starts with one question - WHY? Why do you want what you want? What does your partner want? Does their vision clash with yours? Once we’ve reached a conclusion, together, we can collaborate to design your dream - and your partner’s dream - making the best of every world come true.


I am passionate about helping couples designing their homes, their way, keeping your budget and personal tastes in mind every step of the way. Not only I’ll help you decide what to prioritize, outlining a smart plan of action that covers colour scheme, materials to use, and everything in-between, I dig deeper than that, looking at your home’s DNA. Because your home can be as luxurious as Buckingham Palace, but without the nuances that make it “you,” it’ll never be a home. It’ll just be a house, a vessel. It’ll be empty, without character or personality.


Planning your dream home goes beyond “looks”. I bring both beauty and brains to the table, compiling a central blueprint to work with. Consider this your map to your dream, and I can’t wait to create it with you and your partner.

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the program




We will start dissecting your Home DNA in this first part, we will be looking at values and goals. Not just for yourself but your partner as well. If you have kids, it will be a good idea to get them involved too. Remember that you will attract what you focus on, So in this coaching session, I will be helping you to plant a seed in your focus. Bringing out what you really want and need right to the surface. It is the focus of the vision of your new life on how you want your life to be, how your home will be like, and how you will be feeling and living in it.

Once you have your DNA framed out, things will start to unfold by itself. You will have a clearer picture, your design and building journey will, therefore, become so much smoother. As you already have a focus on what you really want in life, the whole process will not seem to be so daunting and stressful. You will actually enjoy it even when there are issues and challenges in between.



In this second part, we will go through your dream home in details. From all of the spaces that you like or hate, to your habits and routines, and even to your day to day movements.


Once we have gone through this, we will then produce your Home DNA Design Brief, ready to be passed on to your architect or builder.