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Hi, my name is Yovita Kwok and you can call me YOVI. I am an Entrepreneur, Investor, Home DNA Coach and Co-Founder of Persona Homes.

Through my knowledge and experiences in the building industry over the past 10 years, I’ve spent my life turning dream homes into real homes. It all starts with one question - WHY? Why do you want to build a house? There is always an underlying reason which once you are clear on it, it will help with your design process significantly. My focus is always at the DNA of your house, meaning the design foundation of your house such as the layout of the house, the flow and functionality of the spaces.

It is also important to look into how you can maximise the space and how you want to feel in these spaces. Because your home can be as luxurious as Buckingham Palace, but without the nuances that make it “you,” it’ll never be a home. It’ll just be a house, a vessel. It’ll be empty, without character or personality.

Planning your dream home goes beyond “looks”. I bring both beauty and brains to the table, compiling a central blueprint to work with. Consider this your map to your dream, and I can’t wait to share lots and lots of tips on home design and building, making your home building process a much more pleasant and enjoyable journey.




Perth, Western Australia


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